Frequent ask questions


Q1: Can you get 100% collection rates after we engage you?

Ans: We always try our best to get all the outstanding payments. We work with security guards, lawyers and developers and to ensure we will recover the bad debt once the owner sell his property. We have successfully recovered few years of maintenance fee from unit sold or when owner start to occupy the unit. We can’t assure 100% recover rate however, currently all our sites collection rates are above 95% for the occupied units.

Q2: What is your company strength?

Ans: Our office is strategically located at Taman Molek and we are able to overlook all our sites as we have a site manager who will move around and work together with the security guards to tackle issues in the Precinct. We also have officers specialized in admin, accounts, and maintenance fees recovery team. We segregate our jobs, having weekly meeting to  discuss and solve the outstanding issues. We have a 20 points checklist for our monthly task to ensure all jobs are completed within the time.


Q1: How are we different from others?

Ans: We noticed a lot of residents like to ask around for recommendations to solve their housing maintenance problems because a lot of freelance technicians, skill workers and SME can’t be found through internet. They offer good services at a reasonable price for your house maintenance and services that is not easily found. We help you to compile the word of mouth recommendations so you can save your time and be able to get value for money services. We don’t charge the service provider and hence, we only retain the good one!

Q2: The service provider is reliable?

Ans: We compile the list from resident recommendations and Premisecare contacts after we experience the services. We will do periodic checking to help you to filter to get the best services.

Q3: They offer cheap and good services?

Ans: We can’t promise they are the cheapest but you are dealing with them directly and negotiate the price instead of dealing with the main contractor who will take a cut of commission.

Q4: Is Premisecare responsible for your recommendations?

Ans: We will do our best in doing the filtering to retain the best service provider in JB. Do negotiate the term of the job scopes, payments, material, etc to avoid any dispute upon job completion. We are not responsible for any miscommunication but kindly feedback to us whether it is good or bad experience.