Management Service

Administrative Services

Supporting the committees in managing the community.

Facilities Management

Premisecare provide facilities management services to the community.

Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting, planning and budgeting for the community.

Maintenance Coordination

Premisecare make a collection and preventing of aging maintenance fee.


Managing security, landscape, cleaning, and maintaining the facilities.

One Stop Solution

One stop solution will help you to solve your daily household issues.


Managing cleaning services for your home and for the community.

Promote a Kampong-Ship

Organizing resident events to promote greater unity and kampung-ship.


frequently asked questions

Q: Does it matter if I'am at home or not?

A: It is not a problem if your are at home, we will work around you! However if you are plan to leave the house, please make sure that you are available to greet a member of our team on our arrival to insure you are able to disclose any further requirement you may have.

Q: Can I change my appointment if necessary?

A: Yes of course, we understand that things can pop up that make it inconvenient for our service to take place, however we do a requirement at least 24 hours notice, failing that a charge will be incurred.

Q: How your team handle the facilities management service?

A: With our facilities management services, client have one less thing to worry about. We know instruction inside out, and that's how we deliver spotless services to ensure uninterrupted workflow at your premises.

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