One Stop Solution

Our Mission and Vision

There are a lot of good and experience contractors, service providers and technicians that usually CANNOT be found through internet as they don’t have website or Facebook. Some are freelancers and don’t even have an office. Usually they are referred through recommendation from friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

Premisecare will help you to compile all the recommendations and sourcing for freelance contractors where residents are able to get a reasonable quotation and you can deal directly with the technical person.

We welcome all the Residents of Premisecare to contact us and help us to compile the list. We also will help residents to promote their services to all the residents under Premisecare at free of charge!

We would like to thanks all the residents that have recommended good service providers to us.

You may contact the person directly and negotiate for the best deal.
*Please inform them you are recommended Premisecare when negotiating. Thank you.