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Minor Renovation Services

Recommended by Resident of Premisecare

The service is recommended by resident(s) under the care of Premisecare. Resident(s) use the services before and is satisfy with the services and recommend to us.

Resident of Premisecare

The service provider is one of the residents under the care of Premisecare. We help the resident to promote their services to all the residents under the care of Premisecare.

Recommended by Premisecare

Premisecare is dealing with a lot of contractors and services providers. We source and filters for best services for the residents community maintenance and upgrading services.

  • Mr Yung Boon Foo
  • Company: Solid State Industrial Marketing Supplies
  • Contact No: +6012 – 711 3639 / 013 – 729 9688
  • Remarks: Was working with industrial supply company and expert in getting cheap, good and quality material. More than 10 year experience in various engineering and construction work. Reasonable price and offer good service.
  • Mr Tan Su Chun
  • Company: SC Tan Construction Sdn Bhd
  • Contact No: +6019 – 714 2896
  • Remarks: Experiences in household and shop renovations. Specialize in extension and tiling jobs.
  • Mr Man
  • Company: Selatan Utara Metal Works
  • Contact No: +6012 – 765 0467
  • Remarks: Experiences in various metal work like window and door grill, gate, roofng, etc at reasonable pricing. The company completed few jobs at Premisecare sites.
  • Mr Joseph Teo
  • Company: Buck Seng Enginering Sdn Bhd
  • Contact No: +6012 – 758 7612
  • Remarks: A team of more than 20 skill workers with more than 20 years’ experience in house, shop and factory renovation.
  • Mr David
  • Company: DK Construction & Design Sdn Bhd
  • Contact No: +6012 -723 5643
  • Remarks: A team of 50 skill workers with more than 10 years experience in various renovation jobs of house, shop, commercial building and building bungalow or factory from empty land.
  • Mr Thomas Chong
  • Company: Ming Seng Tiling Sdn Bhd
  • Contact No: +6013 – 744 4123
  • Remarks: Expert in tiling for house and commercial unit. A team with more than 20 years experience.
  • Mr Low Yun Khong
  • Company: Master Paint Enterprise Renovation
  • Contact No: +6010 – 8241063
  • Remarks: Expert in painting and various renovation work for house. 15 years of experience in this field.