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Roofing & Leaking

Recommended by Resident of Premisecare

The service is recommended by resident(s) under the care of Premisecare. Resident(s) use the services before and is satisfy with the services and recommend to us.

Resident of Premisecare

The service provider is one of the residents under the care of Premisecare. We help the resident to promote their services to all the residents under the care of Premisecare.

Recommended by Premisecare

Premisecare is dealing with a lot of contractors and services providers. We source and filters for best services for the residents community maintenance and upgrading services.

  • Mr Alan Ng
  • Company: SK Waterproofing & Renovation Work
  • Contact No: +6019 – 781 8822
  • Remarks: More than 7 years experience in waterproofing work and was working with waterproofing material supplier. Hence, he knows which is the best solution! Solve various house leaking issues at Adda Heights and shop lots at Nusa Bestari. 
  • Mr Chai
  • Company: Supersky Construction Sdn Bhd
  • Contact No: +6012 – 7239 310
  • Remarks: Experience in repairing leaking roof and leaking. Completed various jobs at Ehsan Heights.
  • Mr Ko
  • Company: Ko Tiling Construction
  • Contact No: +6016-752 4429
  • Remarks: Specialize in roof & leaking repair services.
  • Ms Yong
  • Company: Green Shield Waterproofing
  • Contact No: +6017 – 666 5409
  • Remarks: A team with more than 20 years experience in waterproofing using high pressure chemical injection, leaking repair and roof repair services.
  • http://www.facebook.com/greenshield2016